Boneshakers! live : The Courettes & The Black Drongos

Samstag, 24.11.2019, rhiz, 22.00 Uhr

The Boneshakers! live is back for your pleasure!

„The headliners, the fabulous Courettes are best described as red hot garage explosion from Brazil & Denmark. They have quite a few records out already and are looking forward to spend an ecstatic evening with you!

The Black Drongos are a wild 60’s garagepunk monster from Hamburg which will make you drool! For your pleasure, they twang out a primitive blend of Rock’n’Roll, raw beat punk and dirty lo-fi trash with some frantic surf guitars.

Last but not least we have the creme de la creme of 50’s/60’s deejays for your dancing pleasure namely King Camp, Johnny Velvet & Phil Vegas who will wrap the whole thing up! Hope to see y’all again (and don’t forget to polish your chelsea boots). “